Aroma distillation

Aroma distillation with the Schmitt Group: the basis for high-quality beverages of all kinds

Flavor distillation enables the production of numerous alcoholic beverages as an end product. Raw materials such as fruits, grains, starchy raw materials and sugary juices can be processed quickly and stored for a short time to:

  • Whiskey,
  • Rum,
  • schnapps & spirits,
  • Grappa,
  • Liqueurs & Creams,
  • macerates,
  • as well as other wine, fruit, beer and marc brandies.


Plants for the production of aromatic distillates usually require two processing steps. In the first step, the alcohol and the desired aromatic substances are extracted from the mash and in the second step, the distillate is refined by removing unwanted components through gentle rectification at the lowest possible temperatures.

The fermented mash is processed here by means of continuous distillation in a vacuum. The continuous vacuum distillation is characterized by an economical and energetically optimized operation. Thanks to the boiling temperatures being kept low by means of a vacuum, temperature-sensitive flavorings are retained. The volatile aromatic substances remain in the distillate, the high-boiling compounds remain in the distillate residue, the stillage.

Due to the quick and uncomplicated extraction of the alcohol and the aroma substances directly from the mash, perishable goods can be distilled off quickly and without loss of aroma.

The distillate produced has the same alcohol content and quality. The system can be flexibly adapted to all raw materials and product qualities, both for distillate production and for aroma production. Fast product changes are possible at any time and without any problems.

Thanks to energetic optimization, the system works very economically with constant quality and aroma-preserving production.