Indutrial distillery

Powerful distilleries are a specialty of the Schmitt Group

The Schmitt Group manufactures the industrial distilleries for raw alcohol and rectified ethanol (neutral alcohol). Raw materials containing starch and sugar, such as potatoes, molasses, grain, sugar beets and sugar cane molasses, and/or their processed products, such as syrup or dough, are used as the starting materials.

Multi-stage distillation and rectification (removal of bad ethanol) provide some of many possibilities for end products and by-products.

In addition to pharmaceutical alcohol, neutral alcohol and bioethanol, fusel oils, aldehydes and products such as biogas can be obtained from stillage and fertilizer.


Depending on the energy efficiency, raw material, quality requirements and the local conditions, a system with different column configurations is possible. Each column within a circuit serves a specific purpose.

First, the alcohols contained in the mash, the starting product, are extracted and cleaned in a separate processing area to fuseel oils, aldehydes and other secondary alcohols.

The ethanol obtained is thus rectified and the concentration of the product is increased to the desired level.