Pressure tanks

Pressure tanks from the Schmitt Group: planning, design and manufacture from a single source

Burner technology cannot be imagined without pressure vessels whose internal pressure clearly exceeds the ambient pressure. The Unternehmensgruppe Schmitt has developed its own manufacturing techniques for these components, which are so important in the production process for industrial alcohol.

All pressure vessels are equipped with safety-functioning components to protect them against impermissible operating conditions, e.g. exceeding the design pressure or excessive temperature.

In addition, the Schmitt-Gruppe plans, designs and manufactures pressure vessels in accordance with AD 2000 Merkblatt HP0 (A, A1, B1+F and G) and fulfils the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive and the quality requirements of DIN EN ISO 3834-2.

The certificate of inspection of a specialised company in accordance with the Water Resources Act WHG is available. 


What can you use Schmitt-Gruppe pressure tanks for?

  • Gas storage tanks.
  • Compressed air tanks.
  • Silos with compressed air pressure to pneumatically transport granular and grain-like goods.
  • Pressure accumulators.
  • Separators, collectors, filters (water separators, gluten separators).
  • Heat exchangers and heat transfer systems (capacitors, condensers).
  • Procedural containers and tanks, such as mixing tanks. Our columns for rectification, refinement and distillation belong into this category as well.
  • Heated and cooled pressure tanks as part of a plant.