Special constructions

Unternehmensgruppe Schmitt: Your partner for special designs in distillery technology

Over the course of several decades, the Unternehmensgruppe Schmitt has made use of a wide range of special designs in the manufacture and assembly of dozens of distilleries.

These include a special container extension which not only protects important components of a distillery or biogas plant from external factors, but also limits access to a few authorised persons.

Another speciality is the filling funnel, which we are happy to manufacture for you from a single source, together with our tanks to ensure optimum filling. Special separators and separation machines are also part of our portfolio. This includes, for example, also plants for gluten separation (so-called curved sieves).

During the long residence times of mash and stillage in the corresponding containers it is important to keep the mass in motion. For this reason, we also manufacture agitators and agitator tanks that are specially tailored to the quantities to be recycled by your plant.

The list of possible special designs is long and extensive thanks to our many years of experience.

Here are some more examples:


  • Cooling towers
  • Mills
  • Feeding systems
  • Control cabinets
  • Water tanks
  • Sewage management
  • Water supply systems