Unternehmensgruppe Schmitt: Services

The Unternehmensgruppe Schmitt can fall back on a large vertical range of manufacture. With 2 hall bays, equipped with different crane systems and a special production pit, our possibilities in manufacturing are almost unlimited. The hall layout is specially adapted and optimised to the company’s requirements. Thus, the areas of pre-fabrication and finishing are separated, as well as the production of “black steel” and “stainless steel”

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Sheet metal working

Our wide range of services includes sheet metal working, which is important for tank and apparatus construction, mainly cutting sheet metal to guarantee correct fitting shapes and forming, e.g. by countersinking, bending, drilling or turning, to produce individual fits.

Industrial assembly

Furthermore, we offer industrial assembly at home and abroad. Whether simple assembly, welding work or complex piping, our skilled personnel work competently and efficiently.

Project engineering

Problems with the plant design? No problem, our project planning service can help! Thanks to special 3D display and planning software, we can plan the design of plants precisely before the project begins, even in existing buildings.


Quality is our top priority. Therefore, all our welding specialists have proven qualifications and certifications. Furthermore, our company is DIN-certified in this area.

Laser parts

With our Trumpf TruLaser 3030 system for laser parts, we are able to cut and engrave the most diverse sheet thicknesses and materials with the highest precision. We also gladly accept individual requests.

Profile steel processing

Profile steel processing is indispensable in the field of laser parts production. Therefore, we offer contract manufacturing in addition to the production of our own parts and components.
As you can see, our portfolio of services is broadly diversified. However, if you still cannot find the services you are looking for in our range of products described here, just ask us – we would prefer to help you personally anyway!