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Schmitt Group of Companies

Our company, based in Weselberg, has been your specialist for distillery technology, as well as tank and apparatus building, since 1976.

The focus here is on the development, construction, manufacturing and assembly of plants and facilities designed for the production of industrial alcohol, potable alcohol and bioethanol.

Over the decades, the Schmitt-Gruppe has developed into an expert in thermal process engineering, both in the fields of welding and sheet metal forming, as well as in the field of plant construction.

Therefore, we can offer you a wide range of products and services today.

Our company operates worldwide and has been producing ethanol on our own premises since 2012. We produce industrial alcohol from waste from the food industry and supply natural gas, electric power and fertiliser as by-products in a sustainable production cycle.

We are more than happy to show you our live production plant and technology at our site.


Our products

There are good products and there are great products. We provide you with the latter. We cultivate attention to detail and a passion for mechanical engineering that you can see. Both in the effort and in the result.

Due to the wide range of products and services that even a single distillery already requires, we have not only expanded our portfolio in the distillery sector with pharmaceutical, aroma and bioethanol distillation technology for decades, but also developed a large catalog for products from process engineering.


Distillery technology

Distillery technology is our specialty. Since 1952, neutral distillery, food alcohol, pharmaceutical alcohol and industrial ethanol production plants have been the linchpin of our business. We design, manufacture, construct, supply, assemble, operate, maintain and repair distillery equipment, controlling every step of the value chain.

Biogas & Sanitisation

One of our newest members of the product family are our biogas and hygienization plants, which we are proud to manufacture. They enable an incredibly sustainable and almost closed product and raw material cycle and are becoming more and more the focus of our work.

Tank & apparatus building

We feel more than at home in tank and apparatus construction, since design, materials science and technical mechanics are the tools of the engineer's trade. Since many of the components of our distilleries come from this field, we have built up a large pool of knowledge in this area, which we are happy to share with you.

Pressure tanks

Pressure tanks occupy a special position within the Schmitt-Gruppe. It is fundamental for our distilleries not only that they comply with the relevant DIN standards and safety regulations, but also that each vessel is equipped with technology specially tailored to its function

Electrical Engineering

An iPhone never works perfectly in combination with a Windows computer. We believe that great hardware and software go hand in hand - so we offer you both from a single source. With our internal electrical engineering department, we develop all the controls and software for our systems ourselves.

Special constructions

Sometimes a shirt just has to be tailor-made. We do not shy away from special constructions. On the contrary. We are happy to help you. This extends our professional competence. This includes container extensions, gluten separators, filling funnels, water supply systems, agitators, and much more.


• Biogas > Steam generation for the distillery, operation of a CHP
• Electricity > from own CHP for own consumption and feed-in
• Nitrogen fertilisers > Targeted fertilization of surrounding agricultural land
• Waste heat > Heating of apparatuses in production, hall heating in winter

Our partners


The Unternehmensgruppe Schmitt has a long-standing cooperation with the Pirmasens University of Applied Sciences. In 2001 a pilot plant for the production of neutral alcohol was built at the Pirmasens University of Applied Sciences. We would be pleased to arrange an appointment with you to visit this plant.


The Pirmasens Testing and Research Institute e.V. is cooperating with the Schmitt-Gruppe on the large-scale project Energiepark Winzeln, playing a major role in the construction of the entire plant.