Professional steel processing

Profile steel processing from the specialist: Schmitt Group – Your partner for DIN-compliant work

The Unternehmensgruppe Schmitt is your company for the processing of sectional steel. This production area is indispensable, especially in heat exchanger construction in burner technology.

Sectional steel is characterised by its fixed, defined shape, which is either produced by rolling, drawing or pressing. The cross-section of sectional steel must always be the same over the entire length of the component and in most cases corresponds to a DIN standard to guarantee problem-free interchangeability of the parts in construction projects.

What does the Unternehmensgruppe Schmitt offer for sectional steel processing?

In the cutting area we use both a hacksaw and a band saw, which enables us to cut tubes and profiles up to 200- and 280-mm diameter respectively.

For forming we use a profile and a tube bending machine. Details are available here on request.

In addition to the production of our own components we also offer individual contract manufacturing.


Cutting to size


Band saw


Profile bending machine

Tube bending machine