Project engineering

Your partner for project planning: The Schmitt Group of Companies

We are also happy to take over the project planning and installation planning for you when designing a plant.

This includes the preparation of all technical documents for the planning as well as an accurate presentation of the processes for running it.

Our plants are planned and constructed in a special 3D program and therefore always offer you a three-dimensional visualisation for better illustration.

At the beginning of the project planning is the data collection. Based on your project, we discuss with you the requirements, objectives and available resources.

Together with you, we also ensure that all necessary basic data are taken into account, such as the stability of the building or environmental regulations associated with waste products.

In this way we ensure that your plant also complies with all legal regulations.

Thanks to our computer-aided planning, we can also take difficult space conditions into account and make maximum use of the space available for the plant.