Sheet metal processing

Sheet metal processing exactly to measure: This is what the Schmitt group of companies stands for

The sheet metal working sector is a major component in tank and apparatus construction. Therefore, the company Reiner Schmitt GmbH Brennereitechnik is also very well positioned in this field.

In addition to the production of our own components and parts, we also offer individual contract manufacturing on request.

We distinguish two possible working areas in sheet metal working: cutting to size and forming.

Our CNC plate shears are responsible for cutting to size. Here, CNC stands for “Computerised Numerical Control”, which means that the system is computer-controlled and therefore highly precise. The sheet metal is then cut by pressing on a hydraulic knife.

Roll bending machines are used for forming, among other things, which means there are variants with 3 and 4 rolls.
In this way, sheets, profiles and tubes can be produced in complete circles, partial segments of a circle, or conical bottoms. The 4-roll bending machine has the advantage over its 3-roll sister here, as the sheet is secured during the entire bending process by clamping between the upper and lower rolls.

Cutting to size