University of applied sciences Pirmasens

In detail: The cooperation between the Schmitt Group and the Pirmasens University of Applied Sciences.

The Unternehmensgruppe Schmitt has a long-standing cooperation with the Pirmasens University of Applied Sciences. In 2001 a pilot plant for the production of neutral alcohol was built at the Pirmasens University of Applied Sciences. .

We would be pleased to arrange an appointment with you to visit this plant.



  • Development and optimisation of chemical engineering and processes.
  • Study courses in the fields of pharmacy, chemical and pharmaceutical logistics, plastics, leather and textile technology.
  • Focus on applied engineering sciences.
  • Sustainable products and services as a research focus.


  • Construction and operation of a plant for the continuous processing of raw alcohol to neutral alcohol, for research into and development of energy-saving potential, consisting of a main rectification column, a hydro selection column, a processing column and an extraction column for separation of the fusel oils..
  • Use of various heat exchangers, condensers, heating registers, separators, dephlegmators, pressure boosting stations and buffer tanks as components of the plant, which also includes a cooling system with 2 cooling towers and a storage tank for the end product.
  • Further development and testing of components under real conditions.
  • Optimisation of the entire plant as a pilot project for the operation of customer plants.
  • Training of customer technologists, so that customers can start up their plants directly after completion.


University of Kaiserslautern
Carl-Schurz-Str. 10-16
66953 Pirmasens